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Meet the Team  



As a graduate of Arizona State University with a degree in Business Marketing, Jerry was a member of the National Champion Men’s Gymnastics Team at ASU and later co-captain, Jerry also earned a National Championship individually in the floor exercise event.  Having benefited from state of the art business training as a two time summer intern with Procter & Gamble while still in college, Jerry began considering how to create a business that would allow him to combine his passion for entertainment with his knack for inspiring others. 

Jerry began his career in sales with Pepsi Bottling Group upon graduation and soon was offered an opportunity to tour with Kurt Thomas’ Gymnastics America and began his entertainment career.    His experience on tour started his preparation for a career in entertainment and business.  After touring and gaining valuable experience, Jerry received more business/sales training and challenge in successive jobs with Armstrong World Industries and the Pillsbury Company. 

The opportunity of a lifetime presented itself when Jerry auditioned for the mascot position with the NBA Houston Rockets.  Entertainment, Marketing, Community Relations, Sales, Budgeting, Public Speaking and more were all within this opportunity.  Having earned the position, Jerry began transforming the way mascot characters entertain on the court and edutain in school assemblies.  Soon after, Jerry began a touring team of his own while simultaneously carrying out his responsibilities to the Houston Rockets except he was no longer an employee.  Jerry had evolved into a businessman with the Houston Rockets as his biggest client.

A consummate professional and 2 time Guinness World Record Holder, Jerry quickly began making impact on those who were being trained in the Impact U system.  10 performers who began their acrobatic slam dunking careers with Jerry’s company (Impact Entertainment, Inc.) have gone on to become performers with such notable organizations like the Harlem Globetrotters, Dallas Mavericks, Golden State Warriors, Washington Wizards, Atlanta Hawks, Phoenix Suns and New Orleans Hornets.  The legacy continues!



A graduate of the University of Houston with a degree in Business Marketing, Greg began his business career in the promotions department with Cox Radio Houston while still a student.   Being energetic and disciplined, Greg soon advanced through the ranks to become an on air personality for KKBQ Houston, where he worked behind the mic for two years. 

Having been a high school basketball player Greg is also an avid sports fan and has wisely made choices that have allowed him to be compensated for his sports hobbies.  He’s held jobs within 3 Houston Sports Franchises: The IHL Houston Aeros, the WNBA Houston Comets and the NBA Houston Rockets where he served as the assistant to the equipment manager.

In his role with the Houston Rockets, Greg crossed paths with members of the High “Impact” Squad who performed at Rockets games.  This led to the opportunity for Greg to receive training through the Impact Entertainment, Inc. System and because he is a quick learner, Greg became a starting member of the performing team after only a few months.

Through earning the distinction of Eagle Scout to completing his Associates and Bachelors Degrees, Greg has been preparing for the kind of Impact that he makes now on a daily basis.  A participant of various leadership training systems and now a “trainer” to thousands of people that he serves, Greg has turned his passion for sports into a vocation that inspires others to be their best selves.



I’m Gregory Thomas Jerralds. I go by the nickname GT or "lil g".  I am from San Antonio, Texas and relocated to Houston, Texas.  I’ve been performing since 2002 and dunking since 2004. I was a performer with the San Antonio Spurs and Silver Stars to begin my career.  I then performed with the Harlem Globetrotters before joining ACRODUNK in 2007.  In addition to dunking I am a "stepper", dancer, tumbler and graphic designer.  I do various designs for ACRODUNK. These designs include t-shirts and other promotional items.

I attended the University of Texas at Arlington and am now pursuing my degree online thru Columbia Southern University. I play the role of the funny guy during ACRODUNK shows and I plan on pursuing a career in comedy.  My favorite part of performing is being able to reach out to and motivate the students we perform for at schools. I love being a positive influence and I hope to help kids learn from my experiences and make good choices in life.  I would love to be an NBA or WNBA mascot at some point in my career.

Height 5'4
Nickname: G.T
Inspiration: Michael Jackson. PHILLIP "PACMAN" CHBEEB.



I am a professional dancer/choreographer/actor/ acro-dunker.  On the road to success, any bumps and stumbles along the way, I will pick myself up and keep going. No regrets in my life, just learning experiences and building blocks to make me stronger.

I surround myself with positive people - people who have goals and are not afraid to go out and obtain them. Negative people like to bring you down, they don't want you to have anything if they don't have anything and they will tell you whatever it takes to get you to believe that your dreams and your goals and anything you are doing is not worth it. I stay away from the negative and use their hate to make me a better person.

Having a base of support is huge in the entertainment industry and that is why I cultivate relationships with people that have a level of drive and ambition similar to mine.  I respect people that are on the grind and not waiting for things to be handed to them. 

My inspiration in life are my kids, they push me to do what I have to do so that they don't have to struggle the same way I did.  Even though so far it is a long road, they will know that in the end it is all worth it. I cannot explain the joy I feel when I am with them.  The feeling of being complete and the warmth of their hugs can make even my worst of days the best days ever!!! I love you Blake and Adrian, though daddy is not always standing next to you I am always there.



Eddie was born, raised and currently resides in Oakland, CA.  Prior to pursuing a career as an acrobatic entertainer, Eddie earned a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.  An accomplished tumbler and basketball player, Eddie came to the sport of acrodunking with the kind of athletic foundation perfect for quick development.   He exploited his athletic ability and now enjoys the stature of being one of the best acrodunkers on the planet.

Eddie enjoys the adventure of inspiring young people around the Oakland area where he performs at various schools and is truly grateful for the gift of his daughter who adds so much joy to his life.



Jesus was born, raised and currently resides in Oakland, CA.  Trained  and mentored by Sadiki Fuller an original member of The High “Impact” Squad/ACRODUNK, Jesus has been an acrobatic slam dunk performer Since 1999.  Zeus was born in 1987 and is the youngest of all acrobatic slam dunkers at his skill level. 

An innovator at heart, Zeus is the originator of the Birdman (front flip while transferring basketball between legs and then around the back) and the first person to do a gainer dunk (jumping off the trampoline facing forward and flipping backward to a dunk). 

Zeus has performed on TV numerous times and has performed internationally on multiple occasions.  One of his more memorable performances was during the 2005 NBA All Star Game.  Zeus enjoys reading, dunking, writing, school and helping youth and others develop their own personal greatness!

Favorite quote:  “By the yard it’s hard, but inch by inch anything is a cinch” – Anonymous



Elijah (Eli) was born and raised in North Philly, PA and has been an athlete all his life.  Eli likes to dance, dunk, listen to music, play all sports, travel, meet new people and shop!  Eli began dunking in 2002 and would love to dunk until he’s 50. Eli trained gymnastics at Temple University and is a hip-hop dancer with All Around Entertainment.  He Performed with the Philadelphia 76’ers Dunk Team for 4 seasons and is the mascot for the Washington Mystics.  His Favorite dunk is the “Into Heaven” 1 hand windmill slam. Eli is interested in pursuing acting and loves all the hype from the fans because it makes him want to do better as an entertainer.



I began competing as a gymnast when I was 5 and continued through college. I attended Univ of NE on a full ride athletic scholarship. I am highly motivated and was the team captain and an All American gymnast. I specialized in rings, floor and vault.
I love working with children and earned a bachelor’s degree in Education and Human Sciences, specializing in early childhood development. I love performing, so after I graduated, I became a member of the Phoenix Suns’ dunk team, Adio Sol Patrol. I have performed in costume as Hairy Son, Windfall Will and Gieko the Gecko.
I have also spent many years coaching gymnastics to kids of all ages and sharing my love of the sport.  One of my philosophies is that education can be fun. I have found that I can educate children without sacrificing my love for entertainment. Entertainment is an excellent medium for education.

Entertainment has always been part of who I am. My goal is to have everyone walk away from the show talking about it. If you leave a performance and tell your friends what a great exhibition you have seen, I have accomplished my goal.

In my free time, I love to break dance and DJ.








“Jerry Burrell and ACRODUNK got the entire audience engaged, excited and literally on their feet.  They deliver a spectacular experience that has to be seen to be believed.”

Steve Johnson, Cramer Productions, Schering-Plough event

“Jerry and the team were really professional and showed up in show form.  The guest interaction and ACRODUNK’s dedication to the show were very appreciated by our guests and our team.  Real Class Act!  Thanks”

  Scott Silvest,
Park Operations Manager,
LEGOLAND - California


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