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Welcome to Sport of Thinking -  


From 1st grade through high school graduation,
the average American student spends:

6 hours a day
5 days a week
36 weeks a year
12 years of their life


Some are investing this time wisely and some are just doing time. If you are going to invest that much time into anything, you better be getting something out of it; in fact,
you better be getting a whole lot of something out of it.

Some people think it’s a game.
And they’re right, it is!

So you better learn the rules and upgrade your skills because in The Sport Of Thinking there are those
who play the game and make things happen and there are those
who warm the bench and wonder what happened.

Which one are you?


One of the most extraordinary acts I've seen on a live show on America's Got Talent...Brilliant, Exciting, Dynamic, Creative...I could watch you again right now!

Piers Morgan, Judge,
America's Got Talent

We have seen so many hunks in trunks trying to do dunks and I'm telling you, YOU ARE THE BEST!

David Hasselhoff, Judge,
America's Got Talent

The energy you guys brought to the stage is amazing.  I could watch you guys all night!

Sharon Osbourne, Judge,
America's Got Talent

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