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Power Tips For Winning In The Sport of Thinking  

In the sport of thinking, the classroom is my gym, the library is my weight-room and my teacher is my coach.

In the sport of thinking, how smart I am matters, but what I do with what I know matters more!

In the sport of thinking, practicing the basics makes me a better player and the basics are reading, writing, solving problems and teaching.

In the sport of thinking, I show up at practice, I always do my best, I learn from my mistakes and I do more than my coaches ask of me.

In the sport of thinking, when I’m not listening, I’m not learning and if I’m not learning then I’m losing!

In the sport of thinking, when I listen to my coaches and follow their plays, I learn. When I apply what I learn, I win!

In the sport of thinking, I intend to win and no one has to lose in order for me to win. We can all win because we can all apply what we learn!

In the sport of thinking, the only person who can make me warm the bench, disqualify me, foul me out or make me ineligible, is ME!

In the sport of thinking, I will be the Most Valuable Player! My team will win our All Star game, our Playoffs and our Championship!

In the sport of thinking, there are problems and there are solutions.

Which one am I?

“Jerry Burrell and ACRODUNK got the entire audience engaged, excited and literally on their feet.  They deliver a spectacular experience that has to be seen to be believed.”

Steve Johnson, Cramer Productions, Schering-Plough event

“Jerry and the team were really professional and showed up in show form.  The guest interaction and ACRODUNK’s dedication to the show were very appreciated by our guests and our team.  Real Class Act!  Thanks”

  Scott Silvest,
Park Operations Manager,
LEGOLAND - California


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