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Once upon a time called NOW there was a man

the man is young

the man is gifted

the man is black

the man knows his youth will fade,

gifted and black are his forever


The man’s ancestors taught him that in order to nourish his soul, he needs to express all that he is…Mind, Body, Heart!


The man knows that when he expresses his giftedness at the deepest level, he experiences deep satisfaction and blissful joy. Time stands still and focus comes effortlessly. The man calls this place of satisfaction “The  SOULzONE”. It is here where the man’s mind, the man’s body, and the man’s heart are ONE!


His ancestor’s vision

His ancestor’s commitment

His ancestor’s struggle

His ancestor’s hope and even 

His ancestor’s failures 

form the foundation on which 

the man is building his life and his legacy


The man’s ancestors formed coalitions that allowed them to achieve more than they would have achieved from their solo effort alone. Like solo fingers balled into powerful fists, the man’s ancestors' collaborated and punched holes through their own limitations and the perceptions of others who doubted them. With these same fists they clutched hammers of opportunity and nailed the 2 by 4’s of life together to build legacies worth inheriting


The man honors his ancestors by forming coalitions like the ones they formed.






The man’s ancestors’ teamed up 

to change their world 

and the world around them


The man walks in this knowledge

The man walks in this wisdom

Each step the man takes 

is backed by generations of 

sacrifice and struggle


The man’s very life is the dividend being paid out for the investment of the ancestral warriors that came before him


The man’s very life is a continuation and extension of that investment because there are boys and girls right now looking up to the man 





Maybe you know the man or one like him

If not, allow me to introduce him:


His name is Derrick Jerome Brice Jr.

His name is Kelly Darnell Garth

His name is Guy DeJohn Jackson

His name is Jason Jerome Mcgehee Jr.

His name is Richard Davis Smith

His name is Christopher Dominique Stone

His name is Aiden Ahad Tatum-Massey

His name is Ozell Calvin Williams Jr.

You are the product of so much hope and the source of so much more 


You are THE MAN! 


You are 8 fingers

becoming two fists

with the thumb of legacy clasping one fist

and the thumb of destiny clasping the other

The love of the jump merges the fists into one

and DRAGON FIST takes flyte

With power like this

We rise above every challenge

We rise above every disagreement

We rise above every distraction

We rise above every temptation 

to choose down instead of choosing up

We rise above judgment of others

We rise above their judgment of us

We rise above it all


Thrust your fist in the air and RISE!


Keep Rising!



Dragon Fist Manifesto
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